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CAPTURE IT "naturally"


If it’s lovely, we like it, and we know you do too. Get the photo packages that you want. There are no restrictions on the types of photos that you choose. Get customized, designed and/or Laminated Photo Packages with children’s names and any other thing you desire to include in the logo border. We offer these high quality packages to you at prices that are among the best for the quality that you will receive. 

Get customized photo calendars with your children playing, smiling, or just doing the amazing things that children do.

Get the colours you want on your photo calendars. Our calendars are beautiful. If you choose to make the photo calendar more durable, you may opt for our lamination option that offers protection from water and dirt. Your little children are God’s little gifts of joy to you. Preserve these moments with pride and create one calendar for each stage of your child's development.

Once you start doing business with us, you keep gaining. One event after another . . . . . one year to the next. Not only do you get great quality images but sweet discounts too. Upon successful completion of our first business transaction, you automatically qualify for a discount on your next event. And the cycle continues throughout the year. For every event that we are hired to cover, you get an added discount for the next event. And it gets better. . . . Recommend our services to another school or organisation and if they utilize our services, you gain an instant discount for your next event. 

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