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Say it like this!: Groom's Reply

I have long searched for virtue because I was convinced that it was lost, for I believed that virtue has made many dreams possible. As these thoughts progressed, I met the love of my life, my beautiful _________. At first I wondered, "Is this the woman for me?", "Is she the answer to my questions of love?" But then it became evident that I not only found the Proverbs 31 woman, but my soul-mate, the epitome of beauty. Along with her beauty, __________ possesses all these other qualities: kindness, industriousness, genuineness, and loveliness. I believe if you ask me in five years or ten, or even 15, nothing would be different. She would still be the kind, genuine, industrious and lovely __________ that she is. This is the kind of woman that I married today. I thank you all for sharing in this day with us, and for making us know that we have many who love and support us as we embark upon this journey together. I want to thank Blaisegem’s Photography for capturing our wedding so professionally, and Pastor ___________ and Emcee __________ for conducting and moderating today’s programs. Above all, I thank God for all of this, because He is the only one who could make this moment and this union so perfect.  Again, from the depths of my heart, I thank you.   

In a world where love is often mentioned to speak of meaningless things, ______ has taught me what true love really means. _______ is an imperfect woman…. Hold on, hold on, hold on, hear me out…. None of us is perfect. I know you will agree with me. But my regard for the truth will let me admit that though she is not the perfect woman, she is the perfect woman for me. _______, we have now embarked on a journey with many things unknown, but what is known (and this is powerful, please don’t miss it), God is the one who designed marriage and He has already highlighted our path – So honey, let’s travel.

We want to thank you our friends and loved ones for just being here to support us. We appreciate the sleepless nights, the “running-up-and-down” in preparation for this day. Thankyou Mr. ______ for allowing me your daughter's hand in marriage, and' I will stick to your advice. Mrs.______, you’ve been like a second mother to me and I love you. I want to thank Auntie _____ for the ____, Mr _____ for the  _______ , etc….  I want to thank you our photographers from Blaisegem’s Photography for your time and superior service and we have you on speed dial for our anniversary. Finally, the Big Man, let's stand as Pastor thanks God, the real Big Man on our behalf.



Say it like this!: Toast to the Groom's Men

Weddings are  important milestones in the lives of men and women all over the world. Weddings are events where family and friends come to celebrate the transìtion from singleness to a union of a special kìnd. Weddings are special for all the godly reasons and the social needs that they satisfy but there is something about this one in particular, the 4 handsome men that are before us ladies. I'm asking them to stand. Ladies, God gave us gifts called men; sometimes they are good to walk with you down the aisle, sometimes to do the big things such as leading out in worship and the little things like killing a bug....but sometimes they are just really good eyecandy. Ladìes I will do the hard part and toast them, you can do the easy part and get their numbers. On a more serious note though, these are the men who play a sìgnificant role in the groom's lìfe. They are good men, men of honour.  I propose a toast to theìr handsomeness, to their attìre, but most importantly to their character. I'm serìous about getting numbers of the single ones. Good evenìng.

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