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The Perfect Gift

Whether you are in love or you just like the idea of falling in love, "Give"... especially on those days that are special.

Have you given much thought as to what you will give and why you should give? While giving, be careful to use the love language your loved ones love to speak.

Gifts are most suitable if your partner speaks this language. A surprise gift is spectacular but if you don't know what to buy, it is better to ask your spouse for ideas or even a precise request.

On the contrary, the time you spend going up and down to find the perfect gift would be a complete waste of time instead of spending quality time if your loved one speaks this language in clearly enunciated tones. Don’t think just yet that giving quality time would save you much money, as sometimes quality time will require a balance of planning and spontaneity so as to maximize moments and making them last.

Of course, you may have some opportunity to save money if your partner speaks the language of physical touch. You know what? You should know. You had better know if your spouse requires special features to enhance your biophysiosexual energy. What a blessing when you are not hindered by geographical location.

People will naturally love the way they want to be loved. So be deliberate in your observations, asks questions and pay attention to requests and complaints. Overall, a combination of the use of the primary and secondary languages should add colour and spark and leave you happy as a lark.

And just in case anyone forgot you, give to yourself. Give yourself a break, pamper yourself with available resources. Still shine bright like a diamond in the sky. Remind your significant other or even a potential partner of how much they lost when you had something to give on these special days.


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