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Spots off! Bumps out!

Ever wondered how that girl from work always manages to keep her face looking smooth? That same girl who made you feel jittery when she stood beside your boyfriend at the company dinner last December. Here's how you can look better than she ever did.

Three simpe steps:

1. wash your hands first. Research has shown that people who wash their hands reguarly tend to have smoother faces. Yes... it is true. By washing your hands, you rid your hands of dirt that may get on your face when you touch it.

2. Wash without soap: Not your hand Dear! Your Face. Sparing the soap saves your face and your wallet. By washing your face without soap (after you have washed your hands clean with soap), you wash away oils from yous face naturally without drying out your skin. This helps your skin to stay more healthy so that it can look more smooth and sexy. You still need to use soap sometimes to remove dust that settles on your face from the air, and also to remove skin cells that the body replaces on a daily basis. Use milder soaps to wash your face.

3. Proper dieting: This cannot be overstated. Drinking six to eight glasses of water each day is recommended by physicians, and helps your skin to glow. Eating friuts and vegetables help to provide the proper vitamins and minerals for healthy skin. Too much grease and sugar will show on your face "literally", so avoid too much greasy and sugary foods.

Those three simple steps that everyone can do will get you on your way to looking beautiful and feeling sexy.


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