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So YOU'VE found the One: cont'd

“I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in good health even as you soul prospers”

- 3John:2

Now that we understand that happiness belongs to both parties, here are three things that will definitely contribute to making you both have a happy life together.

  1. Do a little self searching. Be honest with yourself as it relates to your findings. Anything that you find that isn’t ‘nice’ about you fix it. Your spouse will notice and may even eventually say something about it.

  2. Tuck a little “I love you” in a spot where he or she is sure to find it during the day. You will know how much it means when you get home.

  3. Do not under any circumstance complain to family or friends about your little personal problems. I am not speaking of abusive situations now, but minor matters. Remember that they love you, so they will begin to detest your spouse. Whats going to happen with your family and friends after you two love birds resolve your issues? They will always remember… therefore, keep them out from the beginning and the appreciation of privacy will keep you happy for longer. Be Happy! :)


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