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Scratch my back Baby!

Marriage is for your partner; this is true... By default, when you attend to the needs of your spouse, your needs are automatically catered for.

Undoubtedly, males usually desire sexual fulfillment on a regular basis, not that females don’t enjoy sex, but without fulfilling her emotional needs, she will feel like a tool being used for coital satisfaction. As long as the female’s emotional needs are met, her mind is more opened to actively participate in sexual activities. After all, females like to know that their spouse is listening, and is deeply involved in all aspects of their lives on a daily basis. So you see, by catering to her needs in this regard, you allow her to cater to yours. This allows you both to synchronize your minds and thus fulfill each others’ natural needs completely.

Oftentimes, women love to verbalize their feelings and experiences. Males don’t necessarily record all the small details and females soon detect this. As I said earlier males should listen, if even to capture the essence of her views. However, at times we females can talk incessantly thus making males tune us out. So Females, don’t keep repeating the same thing to him after he has already gotten the message. In general, men like to have women who know how to care for them, so if you treat your good man like a king, he will be more open to fulfilling your needs.

Your Love may not always share similar past times, some of which you would never give the time of day. Remember, marriage is not for you. Make attempts to directly appreciate or learn to love some of the activities which contributed to making him/her into the person you fell in love with. Direct involvement in cherished activities strengthens your bond.

So why not scratch each others’ backs? Before you know it, your spouse will scratch more than your back with perfect pleasure.


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