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Mutual respect makes a relationship so very powerful. Together you can move mountains and face any challenge that comes by. But take this for granted and you'll have disaster. If either love or respect goes, the relationship is doomed. Call in the love doctors or the MAKE IT LAST team from Blaisegem if you think the respect in your relationship is fading, or continue reading and see if the solution you seek can be found in this article. Lets dig!

Respect is simply being thoughtful or giving consideration to the feelings, beliefs and principles of your spouse. It means that you treat your spouse in a courteous manner. It means you don't shun, silence or avoid your spouse when he/she has a different opinion on a particular issue. It means that you wont try to change your spouse to fit yourself, but you both will do a little self sacrificing for each other's benefit. Respect is the responsibility of you both.

1.Be Responsible and seek to become a better person:

The third greatest killer of mutual respect is carelessness. You can throw in indolence, nonchalance, neglectfulness, sloppiness name it. Don't just exist or slouch around doing nothing. Do something meaningful. Try to become a better person in anything. As they would say in Jamaica, "Have ambition!". It is better to try and to fail than to do nothing at all.

2.Make all decisions with your spouse in mind:

The second greatest killer of mutual respect in relationships is selfishness. I'm not saying that you should submit to your spouse's every whim, but you should be fair. Not a legalistic and unbearable, but a person with your spouse's interest at heart at all times. Never make a decision that you know is unjust to your spouse, or you will be chipping away at the respect he/she has for you.

3. Always speak the truth:

The greatest killer is lying (I'm not talking about joking around). Be a liar and you lose trust and respect instantly. It is better to be honest when wrong than to lie. A liar just can't be trusted, and everything you say from then on will be doubted. If its a one time occurrence for a very good reason you might have a chance at recovering some of what has been lost, but to be safe, avoid lying.

Remember that respect goes both ways. Treat your spouse well, because out of all the world your spouse chose to be with you.


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