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You've Only just begun

Looking and smiling at nothing, just thinking of last night and how tomorrow's gonna be amazing. You met last month, and since then, it's like magic! You just know it will last forever.....but will it?

Here are some tips on how to start well.

1. Open your eyes: I know you've never seen anyone so gorgeous, but that's not what I'm talking about. Look at how he/she treats the waitress/waiter at the restaurant, the little old lady or old man that lives next door, both your mothers......and the list goes on. If your spouse doesn't respect people generally, how will you be treated when the novelty of a new spouse has worn off? Don't ignore the stuff he or she does that totally upsets you, and remember that you werent created with the privilege to change people as you have a like, so suggest warmly, don't demand. Look at behaviour toward members of the opposite sex so that you wont think he or she is a tit too social or reserved. Look and say to yourself "would I date him/her if he/she wasn't this hot?"

2. Open your ears: People tend to show themselves in a positive light when they meet new people.... especially if they're attracted to them. So it's wise to listen to half of what they say and allow the other half you didn't hear to be proven later. LISTEN to the opinions of others who love and have known you much longer than your new found beau.

3. Take it Slowly: The best experiences are had in ease and comfort. Why not start your relationship in ease and comfort? You cannot know everything in a month...or a year for that matter, so don't rush to get too serious too soon. Enjoy every moment. The walks, the calls where you both just stare at the ceiling with nothing to say .... enjoy each moment as it makes your relationship feel natural and easy. Don't rush... allow the real person to surface over time.

4. Pray: If you are thinking that you want your new friendship to bud and blossom into a beautiful relationship, consult the owner of the original love manual, and the creator off all things truly lovely. Healthy relationships are those that conform to the love principles of God. Relationships can lead to healthy family life and eternal happiness or sadness and gloom, thus it is a step that is worth much consideration and prayer. Make God number three in your relationship and you two will live as one.


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