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No Sweat! Sweetheart

What is sexier than working out with your partner?

Or can you even be bothered to work out? No sweat! No stress! A little sweating is necessary!

So, why keep fit and faithful together?

Apart from a man getting to see his woman bare and bold, somewhat naked, but not really, the couple benefits from building a bond. Yes ladies ~ an emotional connection engraved in nonverbal mimicry .

Each partner humbles him or herself, and with a childlike manner, you begin to learn and relearn as you match the pace of your running or walking to your partner´s. You imagine that you are a famous dance team, you lift weights on the same rhythm, you twist and stretch your bodies using the same motion - or you could very well try dancing to develop your rhythm (salsa)... such oneness!

Might I add that the physiological arousal of exercise mirrors a rush of romantic attraction. No wonder exercise is no sweat for some people. They anticipate the challenge of the activity because they will feel great at the end.

So when your palms start to sweat like a pat of butter on hot biscuits, and your heart is racing while the wind brushes on your cheeks, you know you are doing it just right, with the love of your life right next to you. Fall in love with each other over and over as you help each other to achieve greater health by exercising together.

If you have already mastered certain exercises, taking along your partner will serve as a performance booster. Of course, it´s not the best idea to rely on your partner in order to achieve fitness goals. Nonetheless, the physical presence of another person automatically upgrades your efforts and results.

So, make an exercise date. Go dancing or swimming, or whatever other activity you´d prefer.

You want to stay together, sweat together. Make it Last! It´s really no sweat ..... all for your sweetheart.

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