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Making it Last! No matter the cost

I once heard someone say “I don’t believe in for better or worse or till death do us part”. The person then went on to make a list of “what ifs” that would make her move on with her life and leave him alone. I asked her to apply those “what ifs” to herself and she was reluctant at first but then proceeded. I then asked her “would you like him to leave you if you find yourself in those circumstances?” The answer was no….

Now friends, that is selfishness. Human beings hunger for relationships that offer real understanding, recognition, and acceptance. Love only grows when it is nurtured, therefore, simple faults should not chase you away. While growing in love you gain the skill of recognizing strengths and weaknesses within your relationship and the art of building and nurturing growth from weakness into a more whole, committed and complete love. Don’t plan to hop and leave. Instead, do the following:

  1. Become good friends as you are lovers.

  2. Work harder on being the “right” person instead of looking at your spouse as the “wrong” person.

  3. Use rough times as an opportunity for deeper understanding and renewal of commitment.

Learning to love is the greatest part of life. Make God who is Love personified, present in your relationship. Making it last! No matter the cost.

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