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  • Sheren T.N

Do Something! Anything!

You know that she is in love with you, but she's been acting crazy recently. She complains and curses about the smallest of matters. She neglects her usual duties. She blames you for everything in the world as soon as you arrive from work. Simply sitting together has become an unpleasant experience. You did nothing, so why is she blaming you for everything?

You’re doing nothing! You both need to do more than just coexist.

Make her feel special again. Let her know that she is the only object of your affection. Attach a note to a rose, buy her some savoury candy, but don’t just hand them to her, put them in places where you know she will find them and be surprised. Complement her body, body language, clothing, character etc.. Appreciate all that she does. Start dating her again. If you didn’t date her before, start taking her to places that you’ve never been together before, just to spend time with her. Buy her some sexy panties and nice lingerie. Tell her about your day and ask about hers. Get her involved in your life and participate in many activities together. . . . . . The options are inexhaustible…..DO SOMETHING!


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