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An Attitude of Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude for the simplest of things will certainly strengthen your relationships. Gratitude does not need to be reserved for momentous events. In fact, being grateful for the little things can amount to a momentous event. At the same time, a spirit of gratitude is more beneficial to you when you focus on the qualities in your loved ones rather than items or material things. Unfortunately, being thankful is not always an automatic expression, so what deliberate efforts can you make right now to “Make it Last”?

  • Designate a specific gratitude moment for your daily reflections. By the way, if you know you feel deadbeat and wasted in the evenings, don’t even think about this time period. I tell you this, if your bathroom is your place of solitude, so be it.

  • By the power invested in you by God, you may spend less time on facebook being saturated in others’ alleged stories. You will find that the grass is not really so green on the other side. You would be surprised at the treats and blessings that you often ignore when you are preoccupied with others’ business.

  • Accept all the seemingly negative aspects of your relationships. Some tests will make testimonies; share them. Some failures will make you an expert as you now know what not to do to achieve success.

Above all things, give thanks to the one who empowers you to gain from restful nights, less doctor visits, less stress and a vibrant energy – all the benefits of gratitude which your doctor may not have mentioned. It is no wonder that children are taught the song:

“Thank You for waking me this morning,

Thank You, for everyday that’s new,

Thank You, so I can know my worries can be cast on you…..”

I thank you for reading.

Davia Ellis <Gratitude Girl>

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