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Please put the gun down

Imagine someone that you care about holding a loaded gun to their head.

Saying leave me let me play, and if I squeeze it its my head.

You thought that if you say a word she might just squeeze the trigger faster,

or that if you left the room she'd think about her chosen disaster.

Then it clicked... you wouldn't want to leave her there alone,

playing with a loaded gun,

while she's in her crazy zone.

That's how I see you, I dont want to leave you now,

if only one prayer a day, or an available open ear

just in case one day you think you'll be in need of a friend.

Its always okay to cry when the pressure seems overwhelming,

you just cry and cry and vent but never please don't ever quit.

You don't have to be afraid of where you'll end up or who you'll be,

because God directs the paths of all godly human beings.

Only God makes trees grow, rain fall and wind blow,

and only through God we live, and move to and fro.

Nothing good survives without, through His mercy we still live,

don't take God out of your zone,

Please just put the gun down.

By: Leon Costley

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