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Where to live

Is there a place where I can go where there's peace all the time?

where there's always joy & laughter, where love's the principle that guides each life?

Is there a place without hypocrisy, where people hate the wrong?

where families stick together & couples fight to protect their love?

Where on earth can I move to where the crime isn't so high,

where the morals of the people are still soaring in the sky?


I'm saddened when I look around, discouraged when I read,

frightened when I think to go & turn on my tv. 

Some'll never be wiser because they hate humility,

& will never become better because their pride's too thick for them to see. 

I pray that the Lord will help those who see the need for it, I pray He'll comfort & protect us as we wait for a better place to live.


By: Leon Costley  (2010)

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