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Contemplations of the wise and the aged

elevate... levitate...


Its not about reward

Does God have a part in our worldly accomplishments? Is Christianity a medium of control through the promise of hope for humans in hopeless situations? Is it God who cares for me when I'm in a place where I have no control, or is it fate or luck? I was begging God to help me to lose these thoughts that came to my mind, then a text that said "prove me" came to mind.... So I decided to prove Him. While reading and seeking solace from books and the internet, I realised that my questions arose from discomfort due to uncertainty caused by what I considered in-action on God's part on an issue I spoke to Him about years earlier. The thoughts of what could have been different started to come to me, how the restrictions that I had placed on myself for His sake prevented me from accomplishing much, when in reality, I had no idea where I would have been.

While I was thinking about things of no eternal value, I came across this quote.... "The world's Redeemer was treated as we deserve to be treated, in order that we might be treated as he deserved to be treated. He came to our world and took our sins upon his own divine soul that we might receive his imputed righteousness. He was condemned for our sins, in which he had no share, that we might be justified by his righteousness, in which we had no share. The world's Redeemer gave himself for us. Who was he? The Majesty of heaven, pouring out his blood upon the altar of justice for the sins of guilty man. We should know our relationship to Christ and his relationship to us."

It was always about my salvation. He didn't die to ensure that I receive all my earthy desires like a spoilt child, but that I'd receive eternal life, that is of far greater value than all my vain desires. It was never a relationship where I get what I want if I please Him, or He gives me what I want if I do what he wants.... Its all about love, not reward or punishment.


Futility of Hope

Hope is beyond futile for earth. It can be hazardous. It leads to inaction, a lack of preparation, stagnation, disappointment and misery. Hope creates mental ease where mental and physical exercise may be required. It is reckless. Beyond entertaininment, it's a gamble with the greatest risk. How many people have waited hoping for a change or continuation when they could've acted to effect that desire over time? How many christians hope that their views or those of their pastors are right while their bibles lay idle on the table at their bedside?

Only in Christ should we hope. Hope placed elsewhere is at best, futile.


The determination of truth

There are two adult male humans seated on the same bench. How many men remain on the bench if we say that one of them is a child? Is truth whatever we want it to be or is it what it really is? And how do we know what it is? How do we determine what's worth believing? Should I follow what my mind tells me is accurate? Whats the real picture? Who is the ultimate authority? Who determines that authority?


First note to ponder

Keep God in the fore.



"Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds" - Einstein
So we remain settled while achieving what they thought was impossible.


Advise the wise and he will love you 

You'll save yourself a whole heap a sadness when you avoid being extremely emotionally attached to foolish people. You will talk to them, encourage them, give them a copy of the entire bible for them to learn some wisdom, and they'll hear you, read, nod their heads in agreement, and move straight back to what they were doing before. You can't help it.... Leave them alone and pray for them, or they'll do another foolish thing and be happy while you're sad over it. Foolishness is attractive to Foolish people, and only God can change them.


Greatest Gifts 

The greatest treasures cannot be bought or stolen.


Destiny Known

Your destiny doesn't have to be determined by what you've done in the past, or another man's opinion, or your weaknesses & flaws. Greatness is in you as a child of the Almighty & your greatest you'll achieve with your will lost in His. Don't be reminded of your past, you're a new man that's behind you, & this time there's no reason 2 look back 2 go forth. You are stronger from your struggles, pumped from the pain, & with all the power within you just keep pressing until you gain. Victory is in your vision, did I say vision? I meant view. Do not run until fatigue, keep on running until its through. Until you taste full the sweetness of your labour never cease, never let ambition consume you, a selfish person never be. One day one battle, a victory at a time, until every page is written in the manner you desire. One step at a time, enjoy every moment while you press on every minute until that second when you win. Through it all never fail to recognize the power who's behind you & His strength that's there to drive you to succeed in all you do. The Creator, the Redeemer, our guide, The Divine. You have mine, but seek constant approval from on high.


Third note to ponder

If doing nothing makes us worse?


Still be just

Know this! While being just, at least one adult human will think that he or she is being treated unfairly.


Pretty sin is still sin

Satan threw a light on the wrong and made it shiny, pretty so you'll run to your death like a baby who doesn't know that he's gonna be burnt by that pretty little flame". Sin is always gonna be sin whether we discount its effects or compromise. God remains the same forever. Do not accept the wrong, even when neatly wrapped in something pretty.


1 Timothy 5:22

Never be partner in the sins of others


Inter-generational Synergy

Man is at his strongest and most foolish when young. Strength of body, will and Character. Holds to what he believes and stubbornly so whether he is wrong or right, hence the need for guidance of the wise and experienced from the most tender age. A mind molded at a tender age grows to become unmovable in belief and principle. Left to its own, this mind will be molded by society.


Man at his weakest and most wise is one full of age and experience. Weakness of will and body. Most liberal, vulnerable and unbothered. Needs the perceptive mind of the grave younger man he guided to assist in decisions of great complexity. We need each other in families, business etc. The perfect synergy exists when there is a healthy mix from youth to aged.


Please! Put it down

Imagine someone that you care about holding a loaded gun to their head. Saying leave me let me play, and if I squeeze it its my head. You thought that if you say a word she might just squeeze the trigger faster, or that if you left the room she'd think about her chosen disaster. Then it clicked, you wouldn't want to leave her there alone, playing with a loaded gun, while she's in her crazy zone. That's how I see you, I don't want to leave you now, if only one prayer a day, or an available open ear just in case one day you think you'll be in need of a friend. Its always ok to cry when the pressure seems overwhelming, you just cry and cry and vent but never please don't ever quit. You don't have to be afraid of where you'll end up or who you'll be, because God directs the paths of all godly human beings. Only God makes trees grow, rain fall and wind blow, and only through God we live, and move to and fro. Nothing good survives without, through His mercy we still live, don't take God out of your zone, Please just put the gun down.



Tests exist to prove if one is worthy. Trials are additives that increase the potency of the test.


Woman don't fight! Rise! 

For you ladies who were taken for granted because you were sincere... you who look ahead in fear because of the evils of some men out there... Still be that lovely person that you are and God will bless you beyond your dreams. You're the ones who the bible call virtuous. The Royal ones, the queens, the empresses that wise men reserve for Holy Matrimony. Don't take revenge, don't fight, don't try to destroy his life because he broke your heart. Don't keep your love locked up or demonize all men. Don't become what you hate by deceiving. Just rise above it all and maintain your integrity and your sweet personality. Be true to God and thank Him for the bad He took from your life, and the blessings that remain and are ahead. To be you takes much strength. You're rare! You're a good woman. 


Do you have what it takes?

Want to change the world? Assess your purpose and yourself. With much bravery there is little fear. With love, fear doesn't matter. If you have both you're good to go, but if you have none, don't even bother. Great and meaningful change require more than just a desire. You're going to need something to make you push beyond the barrier.


Second note to ponder

Every aspect of human life is governed by moral & natural laws to maintain and encourage spiritual, social and physical health. We did not create ourselves or our natural environment, thus, our finite minds with limited knowledge cannot determine what's right for us (especially in relation to morality).
("There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." Prov. 16:25)


Experience makes it easier

Doing good today makes it easier to do better tomorrow.


Be willing to listen

The hardest fool to change is the fool who believes that his foolishness is wisdom. "With pride comes shame soon after; but with the lowly is wisdom."


One Door to freedom

When my family traps me in captivity, when my friends have a bewitching power over me, when I want to do good but my mind's not free, when the devil pounds me through those closest to me, I'll remember these words that were spoken to me “who the Son sets free is free indeed”. I don’t want to be a slave to anyone or anything, so for my freedom, I’m living for Jesus.


What do you do?

Some command, complain, deceive, belittle, and hoard. Some suggest, encourage, counsel, elevate, and share. What do you do?



Ever felt like quitting? I know the feeling. But no one ever got anywhere by doing that. So I changed my mind.


A lasting deception

You shall not surely die is still being whispered in our ears everyday. That lie that the devil used to deceive Eve still works today as if freshly coined. For every little sin we commit, we believe that we will not die, but eventually our characters erode, we lose mental power, our organs get weaker, and it continues until wrong becomes normal behaviour, our minds are controlled by others, and our bodies become weak. Then eventually we die. Ohh Boy! Some of us still foolishly listen. 

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